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About Axon Seclend

Axon Seclend (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2001. The following year, we entered into a joint venture (JV) with the Johannesburg branch of Société Générale.
This 18-year partnership came to an end at the start of 2019 when Société Générale withdrew from South Africa. This provided Axon Seclend with the opportunity to offer a securities lending and borrowing function under our own brand.

Drawing on the success achieved during the joint venture, and the knowledge base built up over almost two decades, the managing members of Axon Seclend are confident that they can continue to deliver exceptional client service and expertise.

These are exciting times in financial markets world, and securities lending is more necessary than ever.

What we do

Securities lending supports domestic and international financial stability by enabling enhanced liquidity and pricing efficiency. This vital function permits greater flexibility in securities, cash and derivatives markets.

For a fee, securities (or stocks) are transferred temporarily from the lender to the borrower, with the borrower being obliged to return them on demand or at the end of an agreed fixed term (which cannot exceed 1 year). In return, the borrower must provide the lender with collateral in the form of cash or non-cash securities of greater value than the securities being lent. This protects the lender against counterparty credit risk.

As a highly specialised securities lending and borrowing agency, Axon Seclend is a market leader in the agency model and acts on behalf of a wide range of local and international lenders and borrowers.


"highly specialised, client-focused securities lending and borrowing"

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